The Power Behind Your Voice


Powering Your Voice


If you're not talking to your customer, they're talking to someone else. 

Voice Interactive Interfaces such as Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant are the new frontier in customer service and information sharing. Is your voice being heard? 

It’s clear that standard human–machine communication is rapidly expanding to encompass the spoken word. Currently voice interaction is primarily within the realm of personal and home use. But as people become accustomed to it, they will come to expect it in business and commercial contexts as well.

The main driver of this shift toward voice user interfaces are the changing user demands. There is an increased overall awareness and a higher level of comfort demonstrated by millennial consumers. In this ever-evolving digital world where speed, efficiency, and convenience are constantly being optimized, it’s clear that we are moving towards less screen interaction.

MiCiti is creating a platform that gives you a voice when your customers are talking. We'll handle all the technical work, you just tell us what you want to say.




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Your customers are talking to you. Are you ready to reply?
— Omar Naseef


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